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"I'm sure you've seen EEOC's report that says training in its present form isn't effective. This blog post from a NJ attorney was pretty good and it emphasized the right way to do training. Which is why I am saying "Thank You" for the "Train the Trainer" class that you provide. I think the emphasis on the effects of harassment in the workplace and the questions about "what would you do?" really make people think about how to respond to harassment in the workplace and gives them the opportunity to think about what they will say when they see it happening. 

I received some feedback from one of my clients that an employee (in the break room) was able to re-direct a conversation that was (potentially) heading the wrong way by just mentioning, "Hey, remember that training that Sharon did with us...." and they all nodded their heads and changed the topic immediately. The client was very happy that it had been so effective. 

So, thank you for putting together such a great training program."~ Sharon Page, HR Edge

Since 2003, our staff has helped more than 4000 organizations improve their workplace relationships and productivity, as well as develop, foster and enhance workplace behaviors. As a result, our students grow and add value to their organizations. We love celebrating those victories with our students. Primary programs are:  Harassment in the workplace, Supervisor training, HR training and PHR SPHR Exam Prep.

Hello Jacqueline and Samantha, 

Although the (PHR SPHR Exam Prep) class isn't complete yet, I wanted to extend a thank you to both of you. Aside from preparing for the exam, I genuinely feel that I am learning many new ways to not only expand my understanding of HR but also ways to improve my current organizations HR department (which was a department of just me until 2 months ago). 
Once again, thank you and I look forward to learning more next week! 


"Sexual harassment training has been so dry in the past until we started using Train Me Today.  The class is structured so that everyone participants, must be alert and on their toes." ~Karen Reeves, PHR, HR Diriector, RKC Group

Train Me Today was founded on the belief that every employee, supervisor, HR manager and workplace leader needs a continuous learning experience to be the best that they can be so that organizations can attain their goals and profit.


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"Much thanks to Train Me Today for getting us through all six PHR SPHR books, facilitating awesome discussions and answering numerous questions about the exam!" ~Esther Shimizu, PHR, HR Administrator, Anaheim Ducks

"Thank you so much, Samantha. Please tell Jackie and the whole staff to have a wonderful holiday! I personally really appreciate all that your company does. It is wonderful to have a resource such as Train Me Today!" ~Beth Wilbrecht Director of Employee Relations Fisherman's Market and Grill.


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Train Me Today is committed to working with our clients to meet their needs - not ours.  In developing sexual harassment prevention programs, we are compliance oriented, but our first goal is to make sure your supervisors understand their liability and responsibility in preventing harassment.  We do this by creating learning environments that are fun and engaging and where learning sticks.