How to Conduct a Proper Workplace Investigation

In cases involving allegations of harassment or workplace safety violations,California employers conduct a proper workplace investigation. 

When you uncover an employee wrong doing, or an employee comes to you with a complaint, you must have the tools to conduct a proper workplace investigation!

Who Can Legally Conduct Fact-finding Investigations in California?

Internal Investigation.

Your internal staff may legally perform fact-finding investigations. However, when an internal employee investigates a grievance, questions of neutrality often arise. Unless, you have a dedicated investigator on staff, it is unlikely that you have the legal knowledge to protect your company.

When you don't have a trained person on your HR team or you just don't want to conduct the investigation yourself, you must use a private investigator or licensed attorney.
What you will learn:

California Business & Professions Code
California Private Investigator Act
How to conduct the investigation with forms included
When you should do the investigation and when you should turn it over to your attorney.
Active Listening/Critical listening skills
Legal Responsibilities
How to conduct an ethical and legal investigation
How to begin an investigation
The words to use to ask the right questions
How to manage "confidentiality"
Critical documentation
Critical follow up
Closing the investigation

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