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How to Conduct a Proper Workplace Investigation

In cases involving allegations of harassment or workplace safety violations,California employers conduct a proper workplace investigation. 

When you uncover an employee wrong doing, or an employee comes to you with a complaint, you must have the tools to conduct a proper workplace investigation!

Who Can Legally Conduct Fact-finding Investigations in California?



June 26, 2018 (Tuesday)
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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Your internal staff may legally perform fact-finding investigations. However, when an internal employee investigates a grievance, questions of neutrality often arise. Unless, you have a dedicated investigator on staff, it is unlikely that you have the legal knowledge to protect your company.

When you don't have a trained person on your HR team or you just don't want to conduct the investigation yourself, you must use a private investigator or licensed attorney.
What you will learn:

  • California Business & Professions Code
  • California Private Investigator Act
  • How to conduct the investigation with forms included
  • When you should do the investigation and when you should turn it over to your attorney.
  • Active Listening/Critical listening skills
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • How to conduct an ethical and legal investigation
  • How to begin an investigation
  • The words to use to ask the right questions
  • How to manage "confidentiality"
  • Critical documentation
  • Critical follow up
  • Closing the investigation