I just wanted to let you know Samantha did an amazing job yesterday.  We look forward to her leading our next class.  Thanks!

Mindy Peek,

Miller Environmental, Inc.
Orange, California

Sneak Peek at our onsite presentation.

1.  What are unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation under both California and federal law; 
2. What steps to take when harassing behavior occurs in the workplace. 
3. How to report harassment complaints. 
4. How to respond to a harassment complaint. 
5. The employer’s obligation to conduct a workplace investigation of a harassment complaint. 
6. What constitutes retaliation and how to prevent it. 
7. Essential components of an anti-harassment policy. 
8. The effect of harassment on harassed employees, co-workers, harassers and employers. 
9.  What abusive behavior is.


We have had John come out twice and do our sexual harassment prevention training.  John's a Rock Star trainer!  

​Sarah Clarke, HR Manager


Valencia California

Sexual Harassment Prevention  Available in English & Spanish

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​Our instructor led sexual harassment onsite training is educational, effective and fun. Our clients call us to do their training year after year. For now, we can share with you the three primary reasons why Train Me Today’s sexual harassment prevention trainings are one of the most highly respected and widely used by California companies.

Our team of sexual harassment onsite trainers possess an unparalleled combination of training and experience with the ability to train both employees and supervisors. In particular, our team of trainers specialize in the ability to train your company’s supervisors and managers in the following nine crucial areas of sexual harassment prevention:

​Train Me Today utilizes an interactive learning process and approach that ensures everyone’s learning styles are properly met.   Our custom exercises provide everyone a personal voice. In fact, we’ve seen some of our exercises change people’s attitudes and perceptions immediately.

One of the most important elements to a successful training, (which is ironically overlooked by a majority of individuals and companies who perform sexual harassment prevention training), is that our sexual harassment prevention trainings are engaging and fun. Translated – we’re not BORING!

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