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Effective Team Building - How to Instill Loyalty, Commitment and Productivity – The fact is that while all teams are groups, not all groups are teams. A group becomes a true team only when its members support and enhance each others performance and contributions … when they work together to achieve results that are bigger and better than those that could be realized individually. Includes helping your group build team synergy with challenging adventure simulations that focus on decision-making under pressure.

Conflict Management – A Positive Force – Conflict is a positive force in an organization. It is an absolute necessity for a group to perform effectively. However, there is functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. There is perceived conflict and real conflict. It encompasses a wide range of conflict that people experience in organizations incompatibility of preferred behaviors which in turn results in misinterpretations of the facts, incompatibility of goals and general failure to communicate.

Effective Communication - Communication is the steps between a source and a receiver that result in the transference and understanding of meaning. This powerful workshop will allow participants to connect with others and create the understanding, support and acceptance critical to organization success.

Performance Management - Performance Management is not employee performance evaluation. Employee performance evaluation is a part of performance management. Performance Management makes sure that all of your employees are moving in the same direction - the right the direction. 

Documenting Performance Problems - No matter what you call it, there is an effective way and an ineffective way to manage performance problems.  This workshop introduces you to the concept of understanding the difference between performance problems that can be managed and performance problems that must be confronted head-on before degenerating into a dangerously unproductive situation for the organization and the employee.

Introduction to Employment Law – Best practices require a solid knowledge of critical laws for California employers. Employers look to their HR practitioner to ensure that best practices are being used. This presentation looks at the five laws that every HR Manager needs to know…and often overlooks.

Introduction to Performance Appraisals - Performance evaluation measures part performance and is a critical tool for measuring employee performance.  If don't well, it can be effective.  If done wrong, it can be devastating.

Five Skills Supervisors Need - While there may not be a quick and simple answer to that question, there is a certain skill set that, when learned through time and exposure makes supervisors more effective. With increasing pressure being placed on supervisors to perform, organizations can't afford this long learning curve. Customize Your Supervisor Training! Choose any of the above topics or let us know specifics – we can design around your needs.

Activating and Managing Change - Participants will learn how critical it is at the time in the world of business to have the changeability factor.  New suprvisors who don't deal well with ambiguity will have problems in adapting to their new environment.  Participants will learn about the three Cs of change; commitment, control, and challenge; and how it can offer a life raft in the midst of chaos.

Managing Leaves of Absence - Understanding the interaction of the numerous federal and California leaves of absences can be tricky business.  And an incorrect action on behalf of the employer can result in fines and penalties.  Ensure your supervisors know the "buzz words" and what action to take to ensure employee rights are protected.

Time Management - Everyone manages time differently.  In this 3 hour class we look at the leader’s time management style, how the time management style works in different interactions; the strengths and trouble spots of the time management style, and how to capitalizing on your time style with an action plan to be more effective.