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Who is a qualified trainer under California law?

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Price:  $399 includes class with instructor, 2 hour On Demand class and downloads.

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The sexual harassment training is played as a card game for immediate interactivity and participation by the students.  The trainer deals out 52 cards. Each students receives 2 - 5 cards depending on the size of the class.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention

Train the Trainer

Upon payment we will send you a "Go To Meeting" class link and a link to download the materials.  Allow two hours to go through materials.


If you are not a qualified trainer under AB 1825 regulations, we will team teach with you for 2 years to allow you to earn the qualification. Please contact us about how that works.

Under California Government Code 12950.1 (AB 1825), employers with 50 or more employees must train all supervisors every two years in sexual harassment prevention. The law is specific. In this Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer program you will receive a prepackaged PowerPoint presentation with what you need to train your supervisors in identification, correction and sexual harassment prevention and be in compliance with the law. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer webinar includes the following information for trainers: Which employers are covered? Who is a “Supervisor”? When and How Often Must the Training Take Place? What topics must be covered? Who is a qualified trainer under AB 1825 regulations? Should employers provide other forms of harassment prevention training? We also cover abusive conduct (AB 2053)  and the new California FEHA regulations effective April 1, 2016.

The Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer web class includes The Harassment Prevention Coach:

  • Federal Law & State Law
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Worksheet
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Pertinent Rulings
  • Training Record
  • Sign In Sheet
  • Training Evaluation

The Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer is intended only as general information about employment and business related matters and are not legal advice. It is important to understand that no human resources product or program can stop legal claims by employees and no warranty is expressed or implied that Train Me Today products and services will do so. If you have legal questions you should consult with qualified legal counsel.

Here is a sample of what the materials look like.  They are uncomplicated so that you can easily download and customize to your company and branding.

Just want the training materials?

To order just the training materials (The Sexual Harassment Prevention Coach), click on the buttons below.  Upon payment you will be directed to download the materials.

  • Attorneys that specialize in labor law
  • University Professors that teach labor law
  • HR Professionals with 2 years experience in handling claims of sexual harassment
  • Trainers specializing in sexual harassment prevention
  • Anyone that has team taught with any of the above for at least 2 years.